Ben Harper at the Hollywood Bowl Tickets for Sale

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Ben Harper at the Hollywood Bowl Tickets for Sale

Postby rick.hobbs-seeley » Tue May 17, 2016 3:49 am

Hi Guys: I'm doing this because I just hate ticket scalpers. I am a Hollywood Bowl subscriber with a box and have four tickets and preferred parking to Ben's show there with the world-renowned LA Phil. If you haven't been to the Bowl - it's the quintessential Los Angeles experience - especially in August. On subscriber nights, you can bring in your own picnic and wine, etc. You picnic in your box -- they all have little tables. Or, you can order dinner from a restaurant there and they deliver to the box - with linens! My box (1442) is in the Terrace section - dead center. I'm selling these to FANS ONLY for face value. It also comes with preferred parking. So, the four tickets are $125/each and preferred parking is $21, plus shipping costs if any. I'm not open to splitting up the box. I'm Rick. Feel free to message me if you are interested. Please don't make me go to StubHub or eBay -- I just can't go to the concert that night and really want someone who is a big Ben Harper fan and really wants a Hollywood Bowl box experience to have the tickets. I'll leave this on the site until June 1. If they sell before that, I'll update this post.

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